Works In Progress

My brain is a wild, tangled mess of ideas, and I’ve always got something stewing. This is just a short list, of what I’ve got going on. You can find the projects I’m most focused on on the front page with their current work count!

  • Tethered Souls (Consequences of a Sin: Book Two) ~ First Draft Stage *Coming Spring 2019
  • Tainted Heart (Consequences of a Sin: Book Three) ~ Planning Stage *Coming Spring 2019
  • Untitled (Consequences of a Sin: Book Four) ~ Planning Stage * Coming Summer 2019
  • Play With Them (With You: Book Two) ~ First Draft Stage * Coming June 2019
  • First With Him (With You: Book Three) ~ Planning Stage
  • Secret Project ~ Planning Stage * Coming August 2019
  • Restored (Captivated in New England: Book Three) ~ First Draft Stage * Coming September 2019
  • Vinry’s Vision (Dragon Dancers: Book One) ~ First Draft Stage. * Coming October 2019
  • Spellbind (Spears of Toisari: Prequel) ~ First Draft Stage
  • Anamnesis (Spears of Toisari: Book One) ~ First Draft Stage
  • His Shield (Cavaliere Protective Services: Book One) ~ First Draft Stage
  • Mpreg Series Book One ~ First Draft Stage
  • Untitled (Lunar Guardians: Prequel) ~ Planning Stage
  • Remember Me (Lunar Guardians: Book One) ~ Planning Stage