Kiss Me Tomorrow

Title: Kiss Me Tomorrow (Valentine's Inc.: Book Eight)
Series: Valentine's Inc. #8
Release Date: 02/7/2019
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 230
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A Valentine’s Day blind date. A spark they didn’t expect. And a secret that might ruin it all.


My friends are tired of my moping after my ex packed his bags and took off a year ago. I thought I was in love, he obviously wasn’t. In order to get them off my back, I agree to one Valentine’s date that they’ll set up using the company Valentine’s Inc., which two of my friends run. What I don’t expect is the fun, flirty date with my wet dream—a young Johnny Depp lookalike.


To make ends meet, I work for Valentine’s Inc doing what I did to survive on the streets… charm the pants off men. Except, with Valentine’s Inc, the clients have to keep their pants on, which means I only have to do the charming part. It’s an easy job until I find myself on a date where the tables are turned, and I’m charmed instead. Too bad it’s against company rules to get physical with a client. For once, I wouldn’t mind exploring this crazy spark between us for something more. Then again, there’s always tomorrow… when I’m off the clock.

Just when Levi thinks things might be perfect between them, a run-in with an old friend reveals his difficult past to Malcolm before Levi is ready. Will Malcolm accept it and fully ignite the spark between them? Or will their whirlwind relationship come to a crashing halt?

Kiss Me Tomorrow is a 68k MM romance and is Book 8 in the Valentine's Inc. Series. Ten Authors. One Dating Agency. A world of love possibilities.

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