Kiss Me Tomorrow

Title: Kiss Me Tomorrow (Valentine's Inc.: Book Eight)
Series: Valentine's Inc. #1
Release Date: 02/7/2019
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ISBN13: 978-1099353598
Genre: , , ,
Pages: 230
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Do what you have to do to stay alive. 
Don’t get attached. 
Rely on no one but yourself. 

Thrown out by my parents as a teen, I learned to survive the streets following a few simple rules. Those rules have stayed with me, kept me safe, alive, and working toward my dreams. 

Between my night job as a date-for-hire with Valentine’s Inc. and my daytime classes, I don’t have time for relationships. Even if I did, no guy wants a serious relationship with an ex-hooker. I know where to keep my expectations. 

My Valentine’s night job should have been business as usual. My “date”, with his weird love of cheesy pick-up lines, is anything but the usual I’d prepared for. Malcolm turns the tables on me, nearly charming the pants right off me. For once, I wouldn’t mind exploring this crazy spark between us for something more. Do I dare trust my heart Mal is different? Or will he walk away the minute he discovers my past?

A blind date. A spark they don’t expect. And a secret that could end it all. Kiss Me Tomorrow is a sweet MM romance of two men learning to trust their hearts to overcome their past, and part of the multi-author Valentine's Inc. Series. 

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