Just One Kiss

Title: Just One Kiss
Release Date: 6/20/19
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ISBN13: 978-1697340587
Genre: , ,
Pages: 186
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I never expected to feel anything for him; he’s just my roommate and friend. Then one single drunken kiss that shouldn’t have meant anything turns my world upside down. 

The lingering warmth from the brush of his lips consumes me. I can't breathe when he's near, so I flee every time he comes close. Yet I need his help to keep me from the academic probation that will cost me the last year of my university football career.

I want more. But we’re just friends, and he’s about to graduate. I’m not sure he’s even gay. Why did that kiss have to change everything?

Just One Kiss is a sweet, MM romance featuring college roommates, friends-to-lovers, and a love that sweeps them both away.