Fractured Truth

Title: Fractured Truth (Consequences of a Sin: Book One)
Series: Consequences of a Sin #1
Release Date: 10/27/2018
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ISBN13: 978-1795081054
Genre: , , , , ,
Pages: 172
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Abandoned as an infant, my life began shrouded in questions, and that's how it has remained. I have magical powers I don't understand. I shouldn’t have them. Magic went extinct several hundred years ago. I shouldn't exist. Yet here I am. Staying in the shadows has always been the safest place, well, that is until a snarky vampire passes out in my lap amid an ambush of bullets, kicking my instincts into overdrive: protect him at all costs. But I’m nowhere near prepared for the nightmare my life is about to become.


Humans are food, nothing else. That's my motto in life and why I avoid everything to do with them beyond an evening meal. Then he shows up with his delicious scent, and I can't seem to resist. When my hunt gets interrupted by a spray of bullets, and I become the prey, I find myself falling into some strange rabbit hole where I have to rely on this incredible smelling human with strange powers to stay alive. Did I mention how much I don’t like humans?

Fractured Truth is the first book in the Consequences of a Sin series which follows Avery and Ryker as they try to find the truth behind a Sin that altered the history of their world. This is not a standalone and may end on a cliffhanger. Reading the series in order is highly recommended.

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