I’m just a Midwest girl with a passion for books.  From the moment I learned to read, my appetite for the written word has been impossible to fill. On top of that, I discovered I have a little knack for weaving my own stories. Sure, I might have used that talent to wiggle my way of out trouble as a kid, but I know I can use that power for other… more entertaining uses. I am also, at the core, an introvert. Sitting at my desk, fingers dancing across the keyboard of my is my happy place.

I work mostly in the LGBTQIA genre. I believe we need more stories that empower those in this community to stand tall and love who they are. Romance is essential in every one of my books. I enjoy exploring people falling in love, all those revelations as they struggle to accept giving their heart away to another. I promise, I will always provide my leading characters their happy endings. They might just have to struggle a lot before they find it.

A few fun facts:

  • I despise coffee. The smell, the taste… not for me.
  • I have a Bachelor degree in both Sociology and Psychology. Hmm, wonder why I enjoy character driven stories so much?
  • My favorite color is purple.
  • I’m addicted to Anime and Manga.
  • One day… I will travel to Japan.

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